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Western Fremont Historical Society WFHS

Western Fremont Historical Society (WFHS) was created to preserve the history of the Pleasant Valley area that spans from Parkdale to Wellsville, Colorado.

We preserve the stories and the heritage of the people who settled and the ones who live there now.

Our History Center (the little white church in Howard) has archived donated materials and is open to the public.  Individuals can come and find the heritage of their families or the surrounding area.




Howard Free Methodist Church Building
Coaldale Charcoal Kilns
Julius Parker Homestead
Cotopaxi Cemetery 















Mailing Address:

Western Fremont Historical Society (WFHS)
P.O. Box 181
Howard, CO 81233

History Center Address:

0070 Co Rd 56, Howard, CO  81233


The History Center is open during Society programs and by appointment.  During the months of April through October, the center is open the last Sunday of each month (1:00-4:00pm).

Email:  wfhsinfo@gmail.com

Please call Shari Mohr at 719-942-3355 for further information and appointments.