Howard Free Methodist Church

The church, built in 1898, was originally a landmark structure  for the town of Howard and is currently designated by Fremont County as a historical significant site. The “Little White Church” now serves as the WFHS history center and houses its archives.

Coaldale Charcoal Kilns

The Coaldale charcoal kilns were among many kilns in Western Fremont County built to provide fuel for ore processing in Pueblo, Salida and Leadville. The Denver and Rio Grande Railroad served the Upper Arkansas River valley and hauled charcoal. These were further from the railroad than most.

Julius Parker Homestead

The Julius M. Parker Homestead in Coaldale was patented in 1893.

Cotopaxi Cemetery

The Cotopaxi Cemetery was started in 1882 on land donated by Emanuel H. Saltiel, a miner, promoter and entrepreneur, to bury four young residents of the Russian Jewish Agricultural Colony which he had drawn to the area.  The Agricultural Colony struggled for a few years before failing, partially because of the lack of promised equipment and supplies as well as poor land.  Veterans from the Civil War (both Union and Confederate), Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam were laid to rest here as well as pioneer families who homesteaded the land.  The first white child born in the Pleasant Valley of Western Fremont County is here as are family members of Outlaw Gangs, who frequented this remote area in the early days. The cemetery is located on CR-12 just past the Cotopaxi school. Many of the head stones are natural granite from the local quarries.

Barnes City

The Barnes City town site is located 3 miles south of Coaldale on Hayden Creek Rd. It was established around 1901 by mining promoter Noah Barnes, who had created a corporation known as Montezuma Gold Mining and Milling Corporation and purchased a number of mining claims in the Hayden Creek Mining District. The mining operation was not successful, but Barnes City later was a popular resort/picnic area with a dance hall that was enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. By the 1930’s the buildings were gradually moved or torn down, with only a few stone retaining walls and other rock structures remaining on what is now private property.

Howard Cemetery

The Howard Cemetery, located on County Road  45, was designated as a Heritage Site by the Fremont County Heritage Commission in 2019