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What is a Granger?

A granger is a farmer.

What is a Grange?

The Patrons of Husbandry, or the Grange, was founded in 1867 to advance methods of agriculture, as well as to promote the social and economic needs of farmers in the United States.

In what years were Texas Creek, Cotopaxi, Coaldale, Howard, Swissvale and Wellsville established?

Texas Creek was established in 1875 and named by Joseph Lamb and a companion moving Texas Longhorn cattle north to Leadville.

Cotopaxi was established in 1870 and named after a volcano in Ecuador.

Coaldale was established in 1871 with the Hayden family the first to settle there.

Howard was also established in 1871.  Some of the original settlers to the area were Jonah Peregrine, William Stout and family, and John Howard.

Swissvale was established in 1881 by Max Zeise, a Swiss dairy man.

Wellsville was established in 1881 by George Wells as a pleasure resort with guests coming to enjoy the mineral hot springs.

What are the five well-known cemeteries in Western Fremont County?

The following cemeteries are listed in order of their establishment:

  • Howard (1874)
  • San Isabel View (1875)
  • Coaldale (1879)
  • Cotopaxi (1882 – Also designated as a Heritage Site)
  • Whitehorn (1899)
What is Salida Blue?

Salida Blue is a high-grade granite used for headstones.  It was mined at Cameron Mountain, which is near Whitehorn.

How many cords of wood could a charcoal kiln hold?

Up to 26 cords, depending on the size of the kiln.


Construction of the “little white church,” which serves as Western Fremont Historical Society’s History Center was completed in what year?

According to the June 21, 1898, Salida Mail, the new Free Methodist church was dedicated last Sunday. (Hence the 120th Birthday Celebration of the “little white church” on July 4, 2018)