Western Fremont Historical Society

Preserving the history and heritage of the settlers of western Fremont County, Colorado.

Past Presentations / Tours


10/24/21 WFHS Access Sunday at the “little white church”  
10/02/21 WFHS Tour/Cotopaxi’s Plum Street  
09/26/21 WFHS Access Sunday at the “little white church”  
08/29/21 WFHS Access Sunday at the “little white church”  
07/24/21 WFHS Access Sunday at the “little white church”  
06/21/21 WFHS Annual Meeting  
10/12/19  “R.I.P.” In Pleasant Valley”/Tour of Howard and Coladale Cemeteries Photos
8/17/19  “Back To School Daze”/Tour of Pleasant Valley Schools Photos
7/4/19 History Center Open House/Presentation by Mark Minor on Historical Paint Photos
4/6/19 WFHS Annual Meeting/”Grange On The Range” Presentation Photos
10/6/18 “Pioneers & Plots”/Tours of Cotopaxi Cemetery and San Isabel View Cemetery (Hillside) Photos
8/25/18 “Rails to Kilns Tour” Photos
7/4/18 Celebration of the 120th birthday of the WFHS church building (History Center) Photos
3/24/18 WFHS Annual Meeting/”Barnes City” Presentation Photos
11/11/17 “The Great War Hits Home” (Commemoration of 100th anniversary of America entering World War I.) Photos
9/23/17 “Witchers, Nesters, Miners & More” (Tour of Nesterville, Witcher homesteads, Copperfield, etc.) Photos
7/4/17 “Early Daze In Old Howard” (Georgia Howard Roberts and Stephanie Vaughn, of the original Howard family, shared family pictures, memorabilia and stories of old Howard.)  
4/1/17 WFHS Annual Meeting/”Where Do We Go From Here?” (Church Building Preservation)  
10/3/16 “Hot Springs, Hard Rock & High Times in Wellsville”  
8/3/16 “Colonists to Cowboys: Hillside Tour and Tales”  
7/9/16 “Calcite: From Company Town To Ghost Town” Photos
5/16/16 “Life & Death of Old Mose”  
8/22/15 “Settling Coaldale & Hayden Creek: Homesteaders, Miners & Schemers”  
7/11/15 “Desperadoes, Outlaws and Shysters of Western Fremont County”